The United States says it will treat Mexico as “equal” to the world DW

The United States says it will treat Mexico as “equal” to the world  DW

United States President Joe Biden said Monday (01.03.2021) that he will treat Mexico as “equal” because both countries are “stronger” when they work together, roughly by meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel. Lopez Obrador.

Biden said at the beginning of the meeting, which occurred remotely due to the epidemic, as the two presidents communicate via screens: “We see Mexico as an equal, not as a person located south of our border.”

He added, “You are equal to us, and what you do and the extent of your success has a great influence on what is happening in the rest of the continent.”

Sitting between an American and Mexican flags in the Roosevelt room of the White House, Biden said he was “delighted” to speak with Lopez Obrador, the second leader of another country he has met since coming to power in January, after his remote meeting last week with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Perfect neighbors

“The United States and Mexico are stronger when we work together. We were not ideal neighbors with each other, but we feel more secure when we work together,” he stressed.

He recalled that when he was Vice President of the United States between 2009 and 2017, he made four visits to Mexico and learned a little about the country and its people.

For his part, Lopez thanked Obrador Biden for highlighting the importance of the relationship with Mexico and offering him a good relationship with “continuous dialogue” so that the bilateral relations in the future would be “better.”

“We are united by a boundary of 3,180 kilometers, but we are not united only by geography. We are united by our economies, our trade, our culture, our history, and our friendship.

AMLO added, “Our relationships are strategic. I would also like to thank you for wanting our relationships to be based on respect and equality. We must maintain our cooperation for full development based on independence and independence.”

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