The United States will open the final qualifying round for CONCACAF heading to Qatar 2022

The United States will open the final qualifying round for CONCACAF heading to Qatar 2022

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The list of eight teams completed Canada, Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras

a hero Gold Cup, United States, September 2 final qualifying round will open for CONCACAF course for Qatar 2022 in a savior, While MexicoAnother candidate for a World Cup passport will get to Jamaica on the same day, according to a calendar published by the region’s soccer governing body.

the North American, Central American and Caribbean Football Association (CONCACAF) Announcing the September and October matches of the Octagonal Championship for all against all to determine the places leading to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

For the final round (the so-called octagonal), the eight countries will meet in home and away matches during the FIFA dates of September, October and November 2021, and January and March 2022, with each team playing a total of 14 matches.

At the conclusion of the final round, the top three teams will advance directly to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The fourth-placed team will advance to the FIFA Intercontinental Playoff, which will be played in June 2022.

List of eight teams complete with Canada, Costa Rica, Panama NS Honduras.

The top three players advance to Qatar, while the fourth plays in the tiebreak next June for a fourth card.

The eight dates
September 2: Canada – Honduras, El Salvador – the United States, Panama – Costa Rica, Mexico – Jamaica.
September 5: United States, Canada, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama.
September 8: Canada – El Salvador, Honduras – United States, Panama – Mexico, Costa Rica – Jamaica.
October 7: Mexico – Canada, Honduras – Costa Rica, El Salvador – Panama, United States – Jamaica.
October 10: Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica vs. El Salvador, Panama and the United States.
October 13: Canada – Panama, Honduras – Jamaica, El Salvador – Mexico, United States – Costa Rica


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