The US team will receive great news that will cause unease in Mexico

The US team will receive great news that will cause unease in Mexico

the United States national team I was The best team in the CONCACAF region in the World Cup Qatar, Because it was the only team that managed to qualify for the round of 16, so it is rumored that it will be the best team in North and Central America in FIFA ranking.

If the difference order is not confirmed, United State He will make an important leap that will overtake the Mexico national team.

Multiple reports indicate that the American team led by Greg Berhalter, It will jump three positions in relation to the previous list.

United State It will take 13th place in the FIFA ranking, overtaking teams like Uruguay, Mexico and Germany, Teams eliminated from the group stage Qatar World Cup.

United State

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Greg Behalter questions his continuity with the United States

the United States national team Returned to the World Cup after eight years of absence and Greg Berhalter He is in charge of the North American team to play Qatar World Cup.

United State He reached the round of 16 and was one of the best representatives of the CONCACAF region. After eliminating the Netherlands, Greg Berhalter He is “proud” of his players for showing “the rest of the world” that they know how to “play football”. In addition, it was mentioned that this was the first test to face the 2026 World Cup, where they will host.

However, L.N Berhalter He was consulted about his future, in which he indicated that he would take at least 15 days to decide whether or not to continue driving the Stars and Stripes; He said this at a press conference.

“For the last month and a half I’ve just focused on the World Cup, focused on making things happen with this group. And in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to clear my head. I’m going to sit and think about it. What’s next.” Berhalterwho will meet with Ernie Stewart, the athletic director of American football, to determine his future.



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Who will coach the United States if Berhalter leaves?

One of the main candidates is Pep Guardiola, As revealed by The Athletic. The Spanish coach would have interested my boss Football And a few fans are interested in his career. Memory of his time in Barcelona and his present with Manchester city It ranks it as one of the best companies in the world.

In any case, the forecast is not simple. Guardiola He has a contract with the English club until 2025. The dream of many grows even more if one takes into account that he has already lived for a while in United State After passing through Barcelona.

In addition to Pep Guardiola There are other coaches who can be called upon to lead United States national team. Yet as the same medium revealed, all the elite.

Zinedine Zidane, Marcelo Bielsa and Luis Enrique, who just ended his relationship with Choose SpainEliminated in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, they appear like the other favourites. In contrast, it appears Jesse Marsh Leeds United, England.

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