These are the requirements for travel to the United States due to the epidemic


If you are planning a trip to United State It is important to take into account Requirements related to covid-19 Established by the government of this country to enter foreign travelers.

To date, there is no requirement to present a certificate of vaccination to enter the United States, but all passengers arriving by plane must provide evidence of a negative result on a screening test. COVID-19 Or proof of recovery from the disease, in the latter case, travelers can provide documentation from a licensed healthcare provider from whom they have recovered in the 90 days prior to travel.

Travelers must be screened within three days of traveling to the United States on the day airplane o You will need to submit a negative test to the airline before boarding the plane or prepare to provide recovery documentation (a recent positive viral test record and a letter from your healthcare provider or public health official indicating that they are also authorized to travel).

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