They denounce the existence of an electronic army of the United States – Prensa Latina

They denounce the existence of an electronic army of the United States – Prensa Latina

The publication cites reports that appeared this week in the American magazine Newsweek, according to which the disclosure made fun of the accusations directed against Russia.

He notes that, along with the Pentagon’s cyber army, the full range of Western accusations against Russia regarding the alleged attacks on US targets are mockery of dropping guilt.

Remarkably, the magazine’s report has been widely ignored by other US media outlets, and according to, the meticulous details and multiple interviews with the personnel involved definitely give credence to the information, which deserves further investigation.

The Newsweek report raises the existence of a “secret cyber army” within the regular armed forces of the United States of 60,000 people and an operating budget of $ 900 million annually.

The site notes that, at first glance, as Newsweek magazine indicates, a violation of the Geneva Convention that regulates the overt behavior of the conventional army.

The site said that there are many reasons to believe that cyber “special forces” are working in coordination with US military intelligence, the CIA and the National Security Agency.

The explosion of electronic warfare for the Pentagon also led to thousands of spies carrying out their daily work with different inventive characters, the same kind of heinous operation the United States denounces when [supuestamente] Russian and Chinese spies do the same.

The massive escalation of cyber warfare at the Pentagon exposes and makes Washington’s relentless accusations against Russia of malicious cyber behavior absurd, he says.

The Americans level similar accusations against China, Iran and other countries. The magazine stressed that the reality is that the Pentagon has built the largest illegal secret force in the world.

According to the post, the CIA has developed techniques for wrongly framing others with their cybercrime, while spy agencies from Great Britain and other five-eye allies, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are helping Americans in their unlawful efforts at the global level.

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