This is how Apple wants to reduce its dependence on China for the production of its devices

This is how Apple wants to reduce its dependence on China for the production of its devices

China is no longer Apple’s factory. The company has some time ago taken steps to implement the principle of “divide and rule”, distributing the manufacture of its products to other regions. Who is currently taking the cake? India, which could receive the production of AirPods and Beats headphones.

Expand your sights to all of East Asia

We’ve already mentioned India several times this year: Marks suggest that suppliers installed within its borders are taking over manufacturing part of the iPad and iPhone 12, and now We read from the worship of Mac AirPods and the Beats range of headphones can also be made there. From the latter, production can Starting during the first months of 2023.

Parallel we also have An increase in production within the United States itself, although very relative. Yes, the number of US facilities has doubled over the past year, but we’re still talking about fewer than 50. And now, According to 9to5MacFocuses on testing and prototyping. Nothing huge at the moment, the only thing fully produced in the country is the Mac Pro and we still have to figure out what will happen with the next generation that already includes Apple Silicon.

Diversification is not the only reason why Apple wants to spread its suppliers to multiple countries. China’s still highly restrictive policies to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions mean that Apple simply Seeking to get some guaranteed production, in the event that these tensions escalate to worse levels than we have today. This is not good news for the Chinese government, which will have to work hard to try to retain suppliers one way or the other.

Over time, we will have to go from mentioning China to mentioning Asia as the most global manufacturing region, knowing that Vietnam has also been manufacturing some products for some time. It will be more complicated logisticallybut specifically we have a former COO and now a CEO like Tim Cook running the operation.

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