The United States will train Mexico to face the forensic crisis

The United States will train Mexico to face the forensic crisis

Government United State Provides technical assistance and Training to Mexico to face the forensic crisis Which records more than 52,000 bodies without identification in mass graves in the country.

The Department of the Interior and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) A Memorandum of Understanding to support the Mexican government in addressing enforced disappearances and increasing forensic identification.

USAID, in collaboration with Foundation for Forensic Anthropology of GuatemalaThey are working on training the newly opened employees The National Center for Human Identification (CNIH) in Coahuilaa nationwide sampling campaign and DNA processingidentification software and computers.

Technology and supplies for the genetic processing of human remains were donated, the bodies were recovered and processed for forensic identification, and within 12 months Processing 936 samples which allowed the identification of six victims of disappearance.

Among the activities of Accountability for Human Rights, Red-Human Rights Technical assistance is provided for the design and implementation of public policies relating to the search, locating and identification of disappeared persons.

“Strengthening the capacity of institutions to respond more effectively and prevent human rights violations, in particular enforced disappearances and torture in Mexico, and to contribute to the institutional strengthening of forensic research and identification of disappeared persons,” the report states.

alliance between I moved and the Prosecutor of the Republic It allows for the application of an effective and sustainable strategy for the forensic identification of disappeared persons in Mexico, which will facilitate the validation of two new DNA extraction methods.


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