Washington sends long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine – DW – 04/24/2024

Washington sends long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine – DW – 04/24/2024

The United States sent long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine “This month” even before the US Congress approved a new aid package for Kiev on Tuesday, the State Department announced on Wednesday (04/24/2024). This shipment was made “at the direct request of the President.” Joe BidenThey will be used within the sovereign territory of Ukraine,” the spokesman, Vedant Patel, explained.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the missiles that were part of The aid package to Kiev was announced on March 12“They arrived in Ukraine this month.” The spokesman stated that the inclusion of the missiles in the March military package had not been previously announced “to maintain Ukraine's operational security at its request.”

Ukraine used US ATACMS missiles against invading Russian forces For the first time in OctoberBut the recently sent ones have a longer range of up to 300 km. Ukraine began using the latter last week against a Russian military airport in Crimea, US officials told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity before releasing the information. This information did not provide the exact number of missiles delivered last month or the missile announced today.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden announced a large-scale aid plan for Ukraine, promising to send the first shipment of weapons worth $1 billion “in the coming hours.” This package “will strengthen the security of the United States and the security of the world,” according to the president, and is already part of Military aid received support from the Senate on TuesdayThis came days after the House of Representatives approved it, after a long stagnation due to disagreements between Republicans and Democrats.


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