160 whales stranded on Australian beach; He died 29

160 whales stranded on Australian beach;  He died 29



They are one of the most amazing marine animals and it is very rare to see them near the sea. shore; However, in Australia They found 160 stranded pilot whales.

according to Australian Parks and Wildlife Service the

Pilot whales

They, known as Globicephala melas, were stranded on the beach dunsborough.

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Whales stranded on an Australian beach

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Facebook, Park Service

He indicated that he mobilized his staff and veterinarians to come and rescue the animals. Cetaceans.

“We are aware that there are four groups totaling up to 160 pilot whales spread over an area of ​​about 500 metres.”

The organization indicated.

The pictures spread on social media, where he appeared


piled up in shallow water. Some people came to take pictures and touch the whales.

Unfortunately this has been reported 29 of these species died.

Why are whales stranded on the beach?

According to wildlife experts, this is unusual behavior for


This may be because they were under stress or suffering from illness within the herd.

Furthermore it, Pilot whales They have strong social bonds, so when one of these cetaceans becomes stranded, the other follows.

It should be remembered that the greatest Whale stranding This was recorded in 1918 in the Chatham Islands, off the southeast coast of New Zealand in Oceania, when a thousand people Pilot whales I was stranded.

in Australia Strandings were also recorded in 2020, with the number of bridges reaching 470


They were trapped on an island in Tasmania.

For 2022, another strand of 230 pilot whales In the aforementioned place.

Characteristics of flying whales

Pilot whales

known as Gopisivala Which means “round head” is a species that lives in ocean waters and can approach coastal areas.

These species feed mainly on squidBut those with long fins like to eat medium-sized species, such as: Shrimp.

Furthermore it, Pilot whales They form family and social groups of 20 to 100 individuals. These groups rely on matrilineal lines where the offspring remain with their mothers until adulthood.

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