Our Team

Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta is an acclaimed author who has seamlessly blended his passion for writing with his adoration for anime, creating a unique narrative style that resonates with fans across the globe. Born and raised in Bihar India, Jatin was always captivated by storytelling, developing an avid interest in anime from a young age.

Jatin’s fascination with anime not only shaped his formative years but also significantly influenced his writing style, giving his narratives a vibrant, visual dimension rarely seen in traditional literature.


Ashok Bishnoi

Ashok Bishnoi,from rajasthan an esteemed author with a passion for manga and manhwa, brings their boundless creativity to life in his literary works. Inspired by the rich narratives and artful storytelling of Japanese and Korean comics, Ashok’s writings exhibit complex characters, dynamic plotlines, and an immersive universe. A renowned figure in the manga and manhwa community, his distinct narrative style offers readers a unique journey, merging the immersive world of graphic novels with the depth of traditional literature.



Akshitha from telengana is a highly regarded author with a profound passion for TV series and shows. Drawing inspiration from small-screen narratives, his writing showcases intricate plotlines, character depth, and the episodic structure typical of televised content. Known for creating immersive, serialized storytelling experiences, Ashok’s captivating work resonates with both avid television fans and ardent readers alike.


Divel Diwa

Writing under the pen name Divel Diwa, Diwakar is an accomplished author renowned for his love of web series. His writing encapsulates the dynamic narratives, multi-dimensional characters, and innovative storytelling formats typical of web-based content. With his immersive, serialized storytelling approach, Divel Diwa creates fascinating narratives that echo the thrilling allure of popular web series, making his work a delight for digital content enthusiasts and readers alike.