TM Real Estate Group and NGO Rafiki Africa promote two anti-poverty projects in Uganda

TM Real Estate Group and NGO Rafiki Africa promote two anti-poverty projects in Uganda

TM Real Estate Groupa company from Alicante specializing in the residential tourism sector, has renewed its commitment to cooperation with the Rafiki Africa NGOa non-profit association from Alicante operating in Ugandadeveloping new projects to combat it povertyinequality and social exclusion in the region.

Over a year ago, TM started collaborating with NGO Rafiki with three projects related to women empowerment, education and the Sewage from the infrastructure. the building and start running a Water treatment plant to wateran agricultural training school and the design of a small loan program for women, were the measures that were implemented that improved the living conditions of hundreds of families.

In this sense, and with the aim of continuing to support one of the least resourced places in the world, TM is once again collaborating with the NGO Rafiki with two new lines of action in the coming months: creating Boarding orphanage and project development Small loans to slim from the region.

It will allow the construction of the future Kinziga boarding school Absorbs to 100 children in the district, and who will be able to continue their lives and education in an environment more prepared for their needs and equipped with a library and dining room. On the other hand, the new impetus for the microcredit project will allow dozens of women to train and start small agricultural and animal husbandry businesses that will help them improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

Not only will this project benefit the families involved in the project, but it will also be a source of inspiration and valuable learning for the rest of the community about effective and sustainable methods of education to cattle Goats, poultry, and beekeeping cropped efficiency corn.

These projects will contribute to achieving Objectives to Sustainable development: Goal 1 (poverty eradication), Goal 3 (health and well-being), Goal 4 (quality education), Goal 8 (decent work and economic development), and Goal 10 (reduce inequalities); More than 300 people in this rural area of ​​Uganda are expected to benefit from these projects over the next two years.


“At TM, we are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as outlined in our Master Plan for corporate responsibility. We are delighted to be able to expand our collaboration with Rafiki to make it easier for hundreds of people from one of the world’s least resourced populations to have a chance to escape extreme poverty and a future for themselves and their families,” TM President, Los siRNA.

Rafiki Africa’s main goal is to lift people from Uganda’s Kinziga and Katwe region out of external poverty, thanks to the collaboration of companies such as TM Real Estate Group in implementing actions related to education and development. Through these initiatives, we are certain that the situation in which these people find themselves will soon change and they will themselves create value and opportunities in the land where they were born.” Juan AmirolaPresident of the NGO Rafiki Africa.

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