Uganda congratulates China for its support to African countries

Uganda congratulates China for its support to African countries

Kampala, Uganda /

Uganda, last Tuesday, He praised the support that China continues to provide to countries within the framework of South-South cooperation.

Speaking at the opening of the Second African High Level Forum on South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Kampala, capital of Uganda, Ugandan Vice President Jessica Alupo said China supports African countries including Uganda, in road and energy infrastructure development programmes. China has funded the construction of two major hydroelectric power plants, the Karuma and Essimba power plants in Uganda.

Alupu emphasized that through the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s South-South Cooperation (SSC) Program Trust Fund, the well-being of many Ugandans has improved. by increasing agricultural productivity.

In one area of ​​the project, for example, There has been a fourfold increase in rice production per hectareWhile in other regions, daily milk production has increased from two liters to seven liters per local cow. “In addition, there was (the) production of high-quality, low-cost fish feed technologies, fish farming technologies for fox millet, maize, grapes, apples, cherry tomatoes, and animal husbandry including goats, pigs, and sheep.”

The experts gather under the theme “National Capacity Building for the South-South and Triangular Cooperation Ecosystem in Africa and Establish a horizontal partnership for sustainable and resilient societies..

Alupo noted that more countries are sharing knowledge, skills and technology, sometimes with or without support from the more developed countries in the North. She said some technology and knowledge opportunities are among the southern states It may be cheaper and more suitable for local conditions.

Generally speaking, technical cooperation aims to build capacity and self-sufficiency among developing countries To solve their own development challenges based on their own aspirations, Alupo said at the three-day meeting.


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