Bring order to the US-Mexico border

Bring order to the US-Mexico border

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Despite the many criticisms generated by New management plans from President Joe Biden in matters immigrationFew would doubt that the President of the United States is doing all he can to keep his promises both humanitarian and control affiliate the border Enter United State s Mexico.

In view of Chaos, exponential increase and change of migration flows On the the border over the past few months President Biden At the same time it proposes changes to facilitate the legal entry of immigrants to United State and limiting asylum claims to people crossing irregularly.

In case legal income from immigrants a United Statethe The Department of Homeland Security (dirhams for its English acronym) plans to allow up to 30,000 entrances VenezuelansAnd CubansAnd Haitians s Nicaragua per month, or 360,000 per year, under Section 212(d)(5)(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act Where “parole” status can be granted to anyone, with customary entry limits waived, “on urgent humanitarian grounds or a great public benefit.” In principle, it is immigrants will be eligible authorized a to live s for work in United State for up to two years however, You must prove an infinite number of conditions, among them that they have a legal financial sponsor in the country; pass security checks; you have a valid passport; not have dual citizenship or be a permanent resident of any other country; You do not have refugee status granted by any other country; You did not receive an eviction order United State in the last 5 years; be outside the territory of the United States and Did not cross illegally a United StateAnd Mexico As for Panama After January 5, 2023 (or October 19, 2022 for Venezuelans).

Among the reasons new plans from Biden To convert Illegal immigration a legal only apply to VenezuelansAnd CubansAnd Haitians s Nicaragua That was because these four nationalities accounted for about half of the total number of detained immigrants On the the border With Mexico During 2022 they were not expelled under Title 42 (the Public Health Act which was repealed in December last year) and that Mexico refused to accept them. To reinforce this new procedure, Mexico agreed to allow Customs and Border Protection (CBP abbreviated in English) fire up to 30 thousand VenezuelansAnd NicaraguaAnd Cubans s Haitians from he is back a Mexico yes cross illegally the the border towards United State under authority Address 42whose long-term expansion depends on how the new financial welfare program and new asylum procedures develop.

With regard to asylum applications, the Administration Biden It aims to create a more secure and organized system, and this will be implemented through a mobile app CBP With any immigrants already in Mexico who are requesting asylum, they will be able to make an appointment to appear in one of the cities Border entry points selected to apply for admission to the United States, which would theoretically allow CBP to anticipate proceedings; Once applicants arrive at a port of entry, they will complete the process by having their fingerprints taken to verify their identities, possibly followed by receiving a humanitarian exemption from Code 42 section Asylum is currently prohibited if they show a “vulnerability” indefinitely, a requirement that could disappear if the law is repealed. Address 42.

However, an additional measure President Biden Promises to implement a Asylum banwith some exceptions, to anyone crossing illegally from Mexico if he did not apply for asylum there first, but this is not defined as the same person dirhams He has already officially stated that Mexico is not safe Because it does not provide stable access to housing, income and security immigrants Hence, the program called “Stay in Mexico” ended its implementation in June 2021.

It is still too early to tell whether the measures President Joe Biden to calm the chaos in the border Enter Mexico s condition join and reduce migration flows towards United State they will work; What is true this Joe Biden I started to lay new foundations migration process It brings fewer people to the border and that in itself is one of the biggest extensions of the US system of legalizing immigration from Brasero software affiliate 50 years.

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