US urges World Health Assembly to invite Taiwan to next annual meeting – Asia News

US urges World Health Assembly to invite Taiwan to next annual meeting – Asia News

The United States government issued a launch He encouraged the World Health Assembly (WHA) to invite Taiwan to participate as an observer in the next meeting so that it can bring its expertise to the discussions.

The World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), will hold its annual meeting from May 21-30 in Geneva to discuss global public health priorities, a unique opportunity for delegates and health experts from around the world. Advancement of global health and health security.

Inviting Taiwan as an observer would embody the WHO’s commitment to a comprehensive approach Health to all International health cooperation. Taiwan is a capable, committed and highly responsible member of the global health community and has been invited to participate as an observer in previous World Health Assembly meetings.”

Tsai Ing-wen spoke with the President-elect of Paraguay

The Joe Biden administration asserts that Taiwan’s distinct capabilities and approaches — including its significant expertise in public health, democratic governance, and advanced technology — bring significant value that will inform the deliberations of the World Health Assembly.

In addition, the report adds, “The isolation of Taiwan from the World Health Assembly, the global health forum par excellence, is unjustified and undermines cooperation and security in global public health, which is what the world is calling for.”

“The United States will continue to advocate for Taiwan’s return as an observer at the World Health Assembly, as well as its active and effective participation throughout the United Nations system and in international forums. Our support for Taiwan’s participation in appropriate international forums is consistent with the One China policy, which is governed by the Taiwan Relations Act, The three joint statements between the United States and China, and the six guarantees.

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