Lim has a Meriton network in three tax havens without any employees.

Lim has a Meriton network in three tax havens without any employees.

The ex-president of Valencia, Miguel Zorio, senior representative of the opposition platform Maria Valencianista, published a new press release yesterday confirming that Peter Lim has a network of Meriton Holdings in three tax havens without any factor: from companies that were named a few months before the capital purchase Venture capital: one in Hong Kong, one in the Virgin Islands, and one in Uganda. “We are awaiting new documents from other opaque financial regions,” the statement added.

Ferran talks about Valencia

On the other hand, former Valencia player Ferran Torres valued Mestalla’s moment: «It pains me a lot to see Valencia in this situation. I make incredible strength every game so that they can be saved as soon as possible because I think Valencia should be in the first division,” the man from Foios commented on Àpunt, adding that “the Valencia fans are one of the best.”

Visit Ricardo Costa

Finally, former Valencia captain Ricardo Costa went to Paterna yesterday to visit his ‘second home’ and which he keeps fond memories of. The Portuguese commented, “Football is a box of surprises,” but he believes that “we are ready to withstand this pressure,” he told the club’s media.

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