Venezuelan Garcia, who achieved ninth success in baseball in the United States – Prinsa Latina


Garcia made five runs, allowing two earned runs, hit five and walked three, to score the Houston Astros’ 8-2 victory over the Anaheim Angels.

In the fencing, there was the offensive highlight of right-hander Jake Myers hitting two creepers, one with loaded bases and driving in five touchdowns.

For Houston, this was their fourth straight win and the second in the three subgroups they hold with Anaheim on the road.

One of the highlights of the day was the game that Arizona player Tyler Gilbert did not run in his first 7-0 start of his career.

Gilbert accomplished the feat with five hits, three walks and 102 throws, in a game in which his team scored a final set of five first-half runs.

In other results of the day, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the New York Mets 2-1 in playoffs and the St. Louis Cardinals earned their second straight win against the Kansas City Royals 9-4.

Similarly, the Detroit Tigers beat the Cleveland Indians 6-4, Toronto fell for the second day in a row ahead of Seattle, this time 9-3, and the Colorado Rockies provided the surprise by beating the San Francisco Giants 4-1.

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