Viral advice from a famous tiktoker to immigrate to the United States

Video with the latino experience in the united states.

He immigrated a United State It is the dream of many Latinus. But the truth is, the experience can be very different from what you want it to be. To avoid frustration or extreme situations, The Colombian tiktoker known as Ángel Pibe made recommendations that quickly went viral.

According to what was published by Semana, the man said he left his country in search of new opportunities. He immediately added that he felt it Many immigrants brag about the dollars they can earn there.

“We all come here for different purposes but for the same goal, which is to break it in this country,” he said.

In addition, he stressed that anyone considering accessing this area should consider doing so to advance and save for their future.

The US visa has a strict process Foto Shutterstock.

Tips for immigrants

Regarding his recommendations, the first question the influencer refers to is Be frugal. “We can’t spend on things we don’t need,” he stressed.

He also talked about the importance of knowing the specifics of the country. “If you’re someone who thinks the government will give you everything, don’t come… If you’re someone who gets up at 11:00 in the morning, don’t come.”

He also added that, moving forward, he had two jobs at one point. “In this country, there are still many opportunities, He who works hard makes money.”advised.

A green card allows residency in the United States. Photo Shutterstock.
A green card allows residency in the United States. Photo Shutterstock.

The importance of the visa

The Colombian also noted the importance of respecting the laws. On this point, it should be noted that To work in this country it is necessary to obtain a work visa.

In the event that you enter as a tourist, you should always keep in mind the time allowed. Otherwise, you will get into an illegal situation and risk deportation.

By following these tips, Angel assures, the stay will be more enjoyable.

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