Weston McKinney spoke of the US-Mexico rivalry, “It’s a dog fight”

Weston McKinney spoke of the US-Mexico rivalry, “It’s a dog fight”

After winning the fourth final of the CONCACAF Nations League with the United States, Weston McKinneyThe Stars and Stripes national team player spoke about the great rivalry with the Mexican national team.

at a press conference, makini, Footballer Juventus, stressing that the existing competition with Mexico Neither team can be trusted, as they always have to earn their place as the best team in the region.

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“The competition we have with Mexico is one of those games that can go both ways, and football is a game that can go both ways. You can be at the top of your game one day and not the next.”

Despite staying out of the last game against Mexico, Weston McKennie doesn’t trust himself to face the Gold Cup, as he asserts that matches against El Tri are a true “dog fight”.

“We win them now, I think twice and they beat us, I don’t know how many times, but one of those things is that we always have to be ready to play against them and we always have to be mentally prepared because we know it’s going to be a dog fight.”

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