Liga MX wants to play official matches in the US, and is banned by FIFA


The economic consequences of the epidemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) Still looking at MX . LeagueIn this sense, from the highest levels of management, the possibilities of recovery are analyzed and one of those that is gaining great strength is the possibility of playing Official matches of the season in United State, a situation that would undoubtedly create a lot of controversy in the environment, because the decision on which games to implement and which would give a lot to talk about.

According to information provided by journalist André Marín via the Marca Claro portal, at MX . League Designed to mitigate losses due to COVID-19 through play Matches on US soil As a measure that would ensure a good income for the Aztec football treasury.

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What will I leave

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The source claims that a Liga MX . match In cities like Los Angeles or Chicago, With a large-sized team, considering the box office and what can be consumed, profits will skyrocket from 7 to 10 million dollars For just one match, something that would be completely successful if it happened the way it was planned in terms of earnings.

FIFA does not allow this

On FIFA From other points, they have opposed this situation as it happened in 2020 since then Spain, LaLiga He indicated that he would like to do the same and has an official match in Miami, But they pointed out The various leagues have officially banned official league matches from being held outside their territories.

The committee is clear on this: “The principle established by the FIFA Council that official national matches shall take place in the territory of the respective Member Association has been approved.”, they pointed from the highest football body.

In the 2018-2019 season, they wanted to dress up Barcelona vs Girona The Hard Rock Stadium of Miami and then a Atletico Madrid – Villarreal In the same enclosure initiatives that have been rejected.

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