Why does the US military buy thousands of masks to enter metaverses?

Why does the US military buy thousands of masks to enter metaverses?

The United States Army has received a first shipment of a total of 5,000 masks to enter the metaverse. It also signed an agreement with Microsoft to acquire, for more than a decade, parts and other spare parts necessary to operate in the virtual world.

With Microsoft Azure cloud services, What the US military is doing is taking advantage of the metaverse To increase the lethality, movement and communications of its ground forces.

in document Last April, the US Department of Defense released details of how tests of the program called the Integrated Augmented Reality System (IVAS) are progressing.

With these areas the US Army Allows soldiers to display data and information in front of their faces to increase their efficiency In combat situations, both during the day and at night.

If it passes all the tests, the Army estimates to spend more than $20,000 million on equipment over the next 10 years. While, Microsoft continues to work on improving the custom version of Hololens viewers, It was created specifically for the United States to work on their idea of ​​training super soldiers.

The attention that the Department of Defense attaches to its augmented reality program allows us to appreciate A big step taken by Microsoft and other companies in developing metaverse.

On the other hand, the plan of the United States makes it possible to understand that the supercosmic is not just a game world, but government institutions consider it a technological environment necessary to face the future of mankind.

Although it is still Microsoft does not use the term metaverse for what you createOn her website, she prefers to use the phrase “Mixed Reality” to show the different use cases of the services it will provide to organizations to increase their productivity.

He even believes that by using his metaverse companies he can reduce production costs. It reveals that there are actually different organizations using its virtual world, such as, for example, Doctors from Imperial College London, who treat their patients with teleconsultation.

Microsoft software ensures that clinicians at Imperial College London use metaverse and Hololens projectors to provide remote consultations to patients, Source: Microsoft.

however, Microsoft has made sure that to enter its metaverse, users are required to use the Hololens viewer Designed specifically for it.

That’s because its environment is centralized, like that of Meta, the old Facebook. They are probably metaworlds interested in user datawhich worries Americans, a survey earlier this year showed.

On the other side are Decentralized metaverseswhich are those governed by decentralized autonomous organizationsknown by the acronym DAO.

Is a variety of projects that offer diverse experiences, without the need to use viewers and allowing players to take control of the world they live in, which also help create.

Examples include Sandbox, Decentraland, and Somnium Space. They are clearly part of a new world that is evolving, with thousands of users entering every day. Many enter in search of new experiences, though Most focus on Initiatives that allow them to make money Like playing to win platforms.

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