I worked on a tourist visa in the US and discovered unimaginable details: ‘I was shocked’

I worked on a tourist visa in the US and discovered unimaginable details: ‘I was shocked’

Work in the United States It’s many people’s dream, and to do it legally, there are many options available. In each one, it must be applied to a different document, according to the characteristics being met and the guidelines of that country’s Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). In any case, it is important that the type of visa is work, as this protects the immigrant before the US authorities. to ask Whether it is possible to apply for a tourist and work visa in the United StatesThe answer is yes, but the consequences could be devastating for the future of those who practice this practice. Colombian Yolanda used this document to work until it was discovered. She herself told her testimony to the channel Tate Arrivaloa travel YouTuber.

In the video on account Tweet embedAnd the Yolanda described how she was deported on a plane to Colombia and the consequences of working on a tourist visa in the United States..

A Colombian woman testified after working for several months in the United States on a tourist visa

Working on a visa with the United States is illegal, I started coming in the clip. Yolanda has had her US visa since 2018, and since her sisters worked in this country with this document, she decided to follow suit and start the adventure. In 2019, he started this practice and worked on various jobs. Based on his experience, he initially started at Stanford University organizing student rooms under a fictitious name.

A woman told what happened to her after working on a US tourist visa

The woman worked in the United States for between three and five months and then returned to her country. At the time he was earning $11,000, The equivalent of 50 million Colombian pesos, without identity and also without a bank account.

Yolanda confirmed that the immigration authorities realized all this in 2022 when she made a trip Bogota, Panama and Los Angeles. When she reached this last destination, immigration officials held her for a long time while asking her questions: “Then they took me to a room where They took my WhatsApp voice from 2018And the Where a friend asked me about my condition and I answered that I work and walk wisely.”

Which means, based on your story, that immigration officials can check phones, and even though chats are deleted, history is restored.

After discovering the conversation, The woman deported from the United States: “They returned 15 of the deportees to us and they were held for 12 hours without food, so they have soup, water and juices,” he added. His passport was taken from him and his visa scratched. “When we arrived in Colombia, at El Dorado airport, they brought us back to the immigration department and asked us some questions and then gave us our passports (…) in about 5 years they told me I could apply for a visa again.”

After she was discovered, they crossed out her tourist visa
After she was discovered, they crossed out her tourist visa

And in comments on Tati’s video, people were surprised by the officers’ practice at the airport: “I was shocked at what they’re doing.” “How wonderful to know this never to do.” “Everything happening at the airports is incredible,” they wrote, while highlighting Yolanda’s courage to testify.

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