15 Evidences That Show Your Intelligence According to Science

15 Evidences That Show Your Intelligence According to Science

For a long time, man has been striving to “measure” one’s intelligence. It wasn’t until the beginning of the twentieth century that scientists were able to develop a speciesmetric intelligence scale. We know it today asintelligence quotient“(over there).

IQ: a measure of cognitive abilities

IQ tests allow you to give value Denotes cognitive abilities From a person, that is, from Your ability to learn. They evaluate different characteristics of an individual, such as verbal comprehension, by Logic, by memory or his see space.

Intelligence: Who are the “gifted”?

Experts locate the IQ scale between 40 and 160. they talk about “Super IQ “130 and more. Not connected 2.2% of the population I would be concerned about this “high intellectual potential”. According to this same data, 6.7% of the population will havesuperior intelligence(CI between 120 and 129), 50% of the population will have “normal intelligence”. (with an IQ between 90 and 109) and there will be 6.7% of individuals with “borderline intelligence” (IQ between 70 and 79).

People with high IQ will have More facilities in many areas Such as science, sports, music, DIY, etc. However, this capability does not protect some Neurodevelopmental disorders. So it is possible that you have a “high potential” and are schizophrenic, or you are Gifted and dyslexic, to give these examples only.

IQ limits

IQ alone cannot determine an individual’s intelligence, as the human brain is full of complexities. As the scholars realized,There is not one intelligence, but several intelligences. In addition to logical intelligence (measured by IQ), there are, for example,emotional smartness. This is what enables us to understand and control our emotions and helps us deal with the feelings of others.

Many scientific studies also show that people with Higher cognitive abilities share many characteristics., which we have included for you in our slideshow.

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