A joint university between Bilbao, Singapore and the United States

A joint university between Bilbao, Singapore and the United States

Vitoria Euskadi, in its struggle to stay on the cutting edge of technology, has a campus focused on video game development. DigiPen was born in Washington, USA, but in 2010 made the leap to Europe with a campus in Bilbao, specifically in Zierbena, although the headquarters has now moved to Zorrotzaurre. There is also a third center in Asia, specifically in Singapore.

In fact, the training received by students of DigiPen, which is the first to offer a degree in video game development, goes far beyond entertainment due to the applications in virtual reality today in businesses. In its first decade in Bizkaia, the center was the seed of several video game studios, some of which are also striving to develop in the business community.

In terms of the entertainment field altogether, it is necessary to highlight the milestone of the publication of the first Basque video game for PlayStation in 2015. Specifically, the title was Baboon! From the studio of Bilbao Relevo Videogames, a platform game where you have to solve puzzles and other types of quizzes.

Relay itself partnered with Virtualware a year later to develop the horror game Mindtaker for the PlayStation. Basauri acquired the most technical part of the game while Relevo contributed the technical part.

Guipuzcoan Kleperians have specialized in horror games, with over 160 million downloads, while Bilbao studio Main Loop has just launched a street fighting game for PC and PlayStation.

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