The United States considers that the technological restrictions imposed on Russia hinder Putin


While no decisions have been made, trade restrictions could apply to US exports to Russia and possibly some foreign-made products, according to the person. Measures to deprive Russia of microelectronics made using or based on US software or technology are also being considered, the person said.

With the administration of President Joe Biden intensifying its anti-Kremlin rhetoric ahead of a series of talks in which Russia will participate next week, scenarios will seek to leverage US dominance in technology to strike at Russia’s military and civilian sectors and technological ambitions.

The impact could range from aircraft electronics and machine tools to smartphones, game consoles, tablets and televisions, the person said. Under some measures, Russia may face tough export restrictions such as those imposed by Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, according to the source.

Separately, a senior US official said Saturday that the Biden administration will refrain from making tough commitments during talks with Russia next week to ease tensions over Ukraine, and intends to discuss with allies before any deal.

The official said Saturday that the United States plans to search for commitment areas and is ready to explore reciprocal restrictions on strategic bombers and ground exercises. But the official said the United States would not negotiate a troop reduction, denying the NBC News report.

Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken on Friday accused Moscow of using military threats, disinformation and targeted assassinations to build a sphere of influence beyond its borders.

Blinken’s and the US official’s comments coincided with what he and other administration officials have said in recent weeks. The comments provided further indications that the United States will not make major concessions, either in tone or in substance, when top US and Russian officials begin talks in Geneva on Monday.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with Interfax that Russia is not optimistic about entering the talks. Ryabkov said the country’s negotiators wanted a quick solution. He reiterated that Moscow is demanding security guarantees to halt NATO expansion, including withdrawing some troops and keeping missiles outside border countries, according to the news service.

Those discussions will follow meetings between NATO members and Russia in Brussels and then a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe later in the week as Western officials try to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw more than 100,000 troops they have focused on the Ukrainian border in recent months.

The US official said the United States and Russia may reach an understanding on placing an offensive missile system in Ukraine. The official said Putin had raised concerns about the possibility of such a system, although Biden told Putin he had no plans to do so.

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