AFA Club has expanded into the United States to compete with US Soccer

AFA Club has expanded into the United States to compete with US Soccer

Obtaining the title of the World Cup Qatar 2022 for the State of Qatar Argentine national team It represents an important turning point in the future plans of the Argentine Football Associationwhich is looking to expand into other countries as part of an attractive business strategy.

This expansion has reached Asia and the Middle East, However, the new goal of the AFA is to introduce its bases in North America, especially in the United Statesas they are already planning to open a training and training center.

According to information from the athleteAnd The AFC is close to opening a training center in Miami, which aims to compete mathematically with the American football team To ensure young talents for future operations in the national teams.

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The plan of this new coaching and training center in Miami is to find bi-national talent in the United StatesThis is based on the methodologies of Argentine football for future World Cup operations, starting with this methodology starting with the vision of the 2026 World Cup in the USA.

from here, The Asian Football Confederation, with the help of American football, is trying to discover young talents who are eligible to wear the Albiceleste shirt and who have not yet decided which country to they will have the opportunity to experience the methodology of Argentine football and decide on their future.

“We know that there are many players in the United States who have Argentine parents. It also happens in Europe. Garnacho, Franco Carbone, they are some players who grew up in Europe, who were born and raised there, but who identify with Argentina”explained Leandro Petersen, AFC Director of Trade and Marketing.

The main goal of the Asian Football Confederation: to prevent young talent from representing another country

from here, The Argentine Federation will start analyzing potential players who have enough talent to don the Argentina jersey and start operations in the lower categories Thus preventing them from choosing another nation over the current world champion.

We believe that these types of talents will emerge in the United States. Argentina is going through a very serious and negative financial situation. We will evaluate that. We will continue to track those players who leave Argentina at a young age. “If not, they will end up representing another country,” Petersen added.

Argentina already has great American promise in its sights

One of the talents Argentina has already discovered in the United States is young New York City native Máximo Carrizo, The 15-year-old is one of MLS’ future promises.

Maxi Carrizo’s parents moved to New York before the socio-economic crisis in Argentina in 2001 and That is why the young man of Argentine descent grew up in the United States, however, his heart and his parents’ desire to wear the Albiceleste jersey in the future.

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