The United States is chasing an ally that is doing a “favor” to China

The United States is chasing an ally that is doing a “favor” to China

Posted by Washington Post It highlighted the content of top-secret US intelligence documents, which indicate that construction work at an alleged Chinese military facility in the United Arab Emirates was revealed last December.

According to the American newspaper, the discovery of this alleged activity comes only one year after the Gulf state – an important economic ally of the United States and the military and in terms of natural resources such as oil – confirmed that it would specifically paralyze the project. Because of the concerns of the United States. Sightings of Chinese military personnel have also been reported around other sensitive construction sites, such as two military bases inland for Arabs.

The center of these suspicions is the port of Khalifa (Khalifa), 50 miles north of the capital, where a Chinese shipping group operates. It is also only 50 miles away from where the United States is located, Al Dhafra Air Base.

Project 141 and the Chinese plan for military bases

Along these lines, suspicions are growing that the Qatari state is working to establish closer security relations with China at the expense of American interests. Specifically, the project classified in classified papers as “Project 141” – the name Chinese military officials will give it – will form part of the Chinese project to weave a global military network with at least five overseas bases and dozens of locations of logistical support. The time horizon is set in the year 2030.

Also included in the classified document is a map where other locations for establishing military bases or installations can be seen in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and all over Africa. In addition, it contains details of China’s air surveillance program and plans to develop supersonic drones.

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