The birth of the first luxury travel agency

The birth of the first luxury travel agency

Solo travel memories It is the first luxury travel agency to propose completely exclusive experiences so that they remain etched in the memory of those who live them.

To do this, they propose a selection of unique destinations such as Tanzania, Kenya,
Uganda, Seychelles, Maldives, French Caribbean, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, French Polynesia, and the Desert Islands, though it will expand the range of destinations soon.

Some of the destinations chosen by two real travelers, who could not find an agency that would provide them with the services they were looking for. For this reason, Irene Soto and Ivan Gomez founded this luxury travel agency with the aim of finding unique trips for each client and thus uniting them with their “memories”.

Ivan Gomez and Irene Soto, founders of Memories Singular Travels

“We want to create memories that stick in the mind, or as we tell them memories. We discovered that tourism needs to change, especially after 2020 made us all stop and think. And this, travel agencies had to be changed. But, in addition, we wanted to take perfectionists and details like us to places hitherto unknown to the Spanish traveler,” Irene Soto explains about this new luxury travel agency.

In this agency, the trip is tailored to the client’s desire, whatever the destination, be it family or as a couple, cultural, adventurous, or in a ‘slow travel’ or ‘fly and drive’ format.

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