Relations with Africa, new investments, and Sudan are on Ethiopia’s agenda

Relations with Africa, new investments, and Sudan are on Ethiopia’s agenda

Mekonnen paid official visits to Tanzania, Comoros, Burundi and Uganda and met with their heads of state with the aim of strengthening relations with Africa, strengthening their diplomatic base and consolidating peace, said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Meles Alem, at a press conference held the day before. .

He noted that Ethiopia was fundamental to the Pan-African movement as it contributed greatly to the independence of African countries and a major actor in shaping and strengthening African unity and the African Union.

He explained that the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister’s tour was an opportunity to build cooperation and understanding on the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and to affirm firm commitment to the resumption of tripartite negotiations led by the African Union.

On the other hand, the aggravation of the situation in Sudan was not strange to the government, and that is why Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed spoke by phone with Lieutenants Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, and Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, head of the Transitional Council. of the RSF on the need to resolve differences.

The great people of Sudan deserve peace. I had phone conversations with both Major General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and Major General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo about the need to resolve differences amicably and achieve stability in Sudan.”

On the subject, the Foreign Ministry spokesman affirmed that this talk comes in response to the continuity of historical relations between the two countries and that Addis Ababa stands by the Sudanese people in any situation.

The clashes began in Khartoum, led by Al-Burhan and Hamda Dagalo, on April 15, with a total of 512 dead and more than 4,200 wounded as of Friday, according to health authorities.

Hostilities erupted after tensions escalated over the integration of the RSF into the regular army, a key condition of an agreement signed in December to resume the transition and the formation of a new civilian government.

The two soldiers were among the heroes of the coup in 2019 against President Omar al-Bashir and another in October 2021 that overthrew the then Prime Minister of the Unit, Abdullah Hamdok.

The Invest Ethiopia Forum 2023 (Invest in Ethiopia) popped up this week from April 26-28 at the Skylight Hotel in this capital city and according to the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC), the organizer of the event, many agreements were signed with foreign investors.

EIC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Unilever (Ethiopia) and Africa Enhanced Foods for a new investment project of more than $45 million in a high feed processing plant in Rwanda.

Likewise, he signed a similar document with the Beijing-based Chen Shi Company to set up a furniture project for wood processing factories, with an investment of eight thousand dollars.

An agreement was also reached with the “Ethio Chicken” company to expand the Grand Factory for exporting poultry at an amount of $20 million.

China’s Huajian Group, which built the “Shoe City” industrial park on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, signed a similar document with 21 companies interested in establishing their projects within the park. The total corporate capital is expected to reach $96.2 million.

Over 600 new FDIs, entrepreneurs and policy makers identified the most promising investment opportunities with a focus on sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy, ICT, health, transportation, logistics, tourism and other emerging sectors in Ethiopia.

Omani Rial / Nimr

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