The second stage of the Challenger Sevens series: results

The second stage of the Challenger Sevens series: results

On Saturday, April 29, the second day of competition worked World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series 2023 in StellenboschAnd South AfricaThe winner of the women’s competitions at the end of both tournaments will guarantee their automatic entry to the 2024 World Tour. For their part, the first men’s branch at the end of both tournaments will participate in a four-team playoff at the London stage, in May.

in the female branch, Paraguay lost in Gold quarter-final rounds in view of China 39-0. Previously, in the fourth set, he won Thailand 26-12, but it hurt Two losses in view of South Africa 29-0 and Madagascar 12-7. for his part, Colombia Can not, in the same elimination stage as Paraguay, against South Africa 31-0. During District E, they were defeated by Czech Republic 24-17 f Belgium 12-5, but I know imposed in view of Papua New Guinea 19-7.

between males, Chili pepper, The only team in Latin America for goldAnd She advanced to the semi-finals after beating Papua New Guinea by 29 to 17. On the other side, Brazil He lost all three Group B matches, but won the next duel Zimbabwe 24-19.

On the first day of competition, the South American teams had mixed luck. In the men’s category, Chile enjoyed the greatest joy with a fine 19-14 win over Italy and a massive 19-17 victory over last week’s winners Tonga, who beat Jamaica 52-19. For its part, Brazil, the other representative of the region, fell to Uganda 31-7, and to Germany, the future rival of Los Pumas 7 in Toulouse, 14-5.

On the girls front, Colombia could not win and fell in its two matches, against the Czech Republic (24-17) and against Belgium by 12-5. While Paraguay, the other South American women’s team, lost in their debut against. Powerful South Africa, who also beat Madagascar 19-5, 29-0 and then beat Thailand 26-12.

Equipment for the second day of the second stage of the Sevens Challenger series:

Results of the first day of the second stage of the Sevens Challenge series:

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