Anniversary party at Corowa

Music, gastronomy, conferences, solidarity and even pyrotechnics were staged at the party organized by Pablo García Budau on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Tattoo Contract

January 21, 2023 . Updated at 05:00 AM.

It was such a party that even airport controllers had to give the go-ahead. because in Tattoo Contract’s 12th Anniversarywhich depends on Alvedro Mallincluding a spectacular fireworks display. It was a surprise from my wife, she says Pablo Garcia Budau, in charge of the company and who coincides with reaching fifty years. Everything came together. After two years of not being able to celebrate anything due to the pandemic, they have now thrown the house out the window. Live music with Ramon MosteroEntrepreneur and lecturer Siberian Quintas Explaining the important things in life, there was a personal cterion and a supporting part too. We made donations to oeneg Babies, Uganda and to the Diocese of Santa Cruz. It was a very emotional party, Pablo sums up.

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