Anthony Blinken Discusses US, European Ban on Russian Oil Imports

Anthony Blinken Discusses US, European Ban on Russian Oil Imports

United State And its European partners are studying the possibility of banning imports Russian oilOn Sunday, the US Secretary of State announced, Anthony BlinkenBut he stressed the importance of maintaining a stable supply of crude globally.

“We are now in very active talks with our European partners about an import ban Russian oil to our countries, while, of course, at the same time maintaining a stable global supply of crude oil.”

Blinken, who is currently traveling across Europe to coordinate with the Allies against the Russian invasion Ukraineand added that he spoke on Saturday about oil imports with the president Joe Biden and his government.

Blinken’s comments came as oil prices rose last week after that United State And her allies punished Russia After his invasion of Ukraine.

The White House imposed sanctions on technology exports to Russian refineries and gas pipelines North Stream 2, which has not been launched before. So far he has not targeted Russian oil and gas exports as the Biden administration is assessing the implications for global markets and US energy prices.

Asked whether the United States has ruled out unilaterally banning Russian oil imports, Blinkin said: “I wouldn’t rule out taking action one way or the other no matter what they do, but whatever we’ve done, the approach begins in coordination with allies and partners.”

Americans are by far the biggest consumers of fuel in the world, thanks to their big cars, long distances and little Public transport In many areas, so the increase in Gasoline prices It has always been a political poison for its rulers.

Gasoline prices in the United States hit their highest level since 2008 on Sunday, and the national average gallon was $4,009, according to the AAA, the highest since July 2008. Consumers pay 40 cents more than a week ago, 57 cents more From 1. a month ago.

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