They learn their mother tongue from the United States – El Sol de San Juan del Río

They learn their mother tongue from the United States – El Sol de San Juan del Río

Noelia Rodríguez Peña, UAQ Coordinator at this delineation, reported that through the Onhonho online mother tongue courses taught by the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), Amealco de Bonfil Campus, the American Federation has expressed an interest in continuing to promote his speech and writing. .

He explained that due to different circumstances, the residents of Amealco had to go out in search of a better quality of life in the American Federation, however, knowing that the UAQ had this type of course, it included the new generations so that from these cities they could continue to learn the language of the two different types of the municipality such as Santiago Mexquititlán and San Ildefonso Tultepec.

Because of the foregoing, he stated that at least two families living in the United States actually take ñhöñhö courses by the distance method, a factor which makes them proud, he asserted, that this same House of Studies sought to promote multiculturalism.

“It is a pleasure to see how the generations are taking shape, we have many students who are from the indigenous area, but now we see that the immigrants located in different cities are interested in mastering or teaching their children the language of their birth.”

Rodríguez Piña noted that they regularly start language courses, so I invite people to follow the official page of the UAQ Amealco Campus to learn more about the kind of teaching offered by teachers from the indigenous area.

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