Bobby Wayne calls on the High Court of Uganda to annul the January elections

Bobby Wayne calls on the High Court of Uganda to annul the January elections
This content was posted on February 01, 2021 – 15:07

Kampala, February 1 (EFE). – Ugandan singer and opposition leader Bobby Wayne today challenged the election results on January 14 in Uganda, after the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, and the Electoral Commission were accused of manipulating them.

In the lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court, which Evie had access to, Wayne’s attorneys asserted that “the breach of electoral laws greatly affected the results of the” presidential election, and are calling for “the president’s victory to be nullified.” As a run-off for the elections.

The presidential candidate’s legal team also presented 20 notebooks with evidence of several alleged irregularities during the elections, such as polling stations that “stormed” the security forces, or areas where the number of votes exceeded the number of registered voters, or unlawful detention ”by the thousands. “They are held in torture rooms.”

Ugandan law requires Supreme Court judges to analyze these documents and publish their judgment publicly within the next 30 days.

In several press conferences and on his social media, Wayne described the January elections as “the most rigged in Ugandan history” and asked Ugandans and the international community to reject Museveni’s victory in power since 1986.

“General Museveni and his small band of oppressors are once again trying to impose themselves on the people of Uganda. I call on all Ugandans to stand firm and reject this blatant usurpation of their will and their voices,” Wayne told a news conference on January 15th. When the Election Commission began publishing the preliminary results of the elections.

“In the last elections, the people of Uganda chose to change a dictatorship into a democratic government,” the opposition said.

However, President Museveni was re-elected with 58.38% of the vote, while Wayne received 35.08% of the vote, according to the Election Commission.

The speeches of Wayne, a 38-year-old famous musician who grew up in a modest neighborhood, sought to unite all Ugandans to defeat President Museveni at the polls and garner millions of supporters.

The Ugandan president, for his part, has maintained his popularity for 76 years in various rural areas, as many voters continue to regard him as the only president capable of leading a country with a turbulent past. EFE

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