Boxing: Sandor Martin gave the bell in the United States

Boxing: Sandor Martin gave the bell in the United States

NSfor barcelons Sandor Martin He starred in an achievement in Fresno (California) beating the former world champion star by four pesos, Mickey Garca.

Now the whole world knows my name: Sandor Martin Thank you all for my good wishes! dreams come true’,” he wrote on his social networks.

Now the whole world already knows my name

Sandor Martin, Jill

The American, after a period of inactivity, came to once again bring his World Cup offensive against a theoretically winable opponent, but The former European champion, next in line for the stakes, gave the surprise and an elegant and fast boxing obsession to García And defeat him justly.

Martin went out to take control of California with his advanced hand And prevent him from getting close to the distance where the grip of the Americans hurts.

Despite some hail from Garcia The Spaniard went from least to most, with speed of hands and feet, anticipation and good movements. As Sandor Martin improved, the local fighter ran out of ideas, who saw his chances dwindle as he couldn’t find a steady target with his powerful punches.

In the last rounds, Sandor’s good defense was associated with accurate counter strikes that cemented the win.

At the end of the 10 rounds, the California referees were fair and gave the Spaniard the points winNS. Although one saw a tie at 95, the other two saw 97-93 for the Catalans.

A historic victory for Sandor Martin with an unforgettable victory over a world star like Mickey Garcia.

as I declare At the end of the fight Sandor MartinAnd It doesn’t stop him from replaying the game, but prefers to focus on its ultra-lightweight, as this fight is agreed upon in the upper class of the wlter.

Now, world organizations will have to rank the Spaniard very highly in order to have a chance of getting the world title in a few months.

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