Chinese | Safe City – One Daily Enough!

Chinese |  Safe City – One Daily Enough!

Sebastian Ramirez Mendoza

Almost a month has passed since journalist Ciro Gomez Leyva was attacked outside his home, and fortunately he was unharmed.

At that moment, it didn’t take long for the speculations of those who always believed they had the ultimate truth of what was happening in the country to surface. However, a few hours after the terrible attack, the Mexico City government presented the previous information obtained by the C5 cameras and confirmed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Secretariat for Citizen Security would launch an investigation.

On the night of Tuesday, January 10, 11 people were arrested in connection with the material authorship of the attack, and yesterday the Prime Minister, the Minister of Security and the Public Prosecutor presented a detailed report on the operation to the media, and this is less than a month after what happened.

The intelligence work done by the city government and the government of Mexico in this and other cases was impeccable, but it was, above all, an example of what could be achieved through a more humane security model and a professional and sensitive team. This would not be possible without the political will of Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum.

During a dark period, the capital city was seen as a very dangerous place, where impunity was the order and where people did not trust their powers; This was fully reflected in just four years of rule.

What is happening today in Mexico City in terms of security is unprecedented.

We have the lowest crime rates in the last two decades and fortunately we are one of the safest cities in the world. It is a relief that today our security is no longer in the hands of Cárdenas Palomino, García Luna, Calderón and other members of organized crime. Calm has finally returned to the lives of every citizen of the capital

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