Facundo Calderon wore the El Sol de Tampico shirt in the United States – El Sol de Tampico


He couldn’t accompany us physically but his heart and mind were present in me Sports race on the 71st anniversary of sun tampico.

Facundo Calderon Mercado, a symbolic and famous athlete from Tampico, proudly carried and wore the colors of his publishing house to Chicago, USA, where he went to an explicit invitation for a conference on addiction, which is why he was surprised by his presence at the exhibition that was held for Southern Red Cross delegation in Tamaulipas.

EL SOL DE TAMPICO Athletic Racing T-Shirt Celebrating the Anniversary of EL SOL DE TAMPICO Through the Streets of Chicago

However, he did not want to miss the opportunity to walk the streets of the so-called “City of Winds” in the commemorative T-shirt given to the participants in the event. 71st Anniversary of Sports Racing sun tampico.

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With his zest and defying the freezing temperatures of that region of the US, La Pala ran through the streets of Chicago carrying our country’s flag in every height and our sweatshirt.

From there I send affectionate greetings to the whole sports family of South Tamaulipas and warm congratulations to sun tampico, to its director, Lic. Benito Morante Silva and to all the employees of this publishing house on the occasion of our anniversary and our success commemorative events.

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