Find Balloon Fish in California; It lives on the sea floor – Noticieros Televisa

Find Balloon Fish in California;  It lives on the sea floor – Noticieros Televisa

The sea world is full the animals Mysterious to humans, but sometimes suddenly, as happened in California, United State, Where they found a sample of the strange Balloon fish.

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On May 7, he bathed he was walking on the beach Crystal Cove, On The port beach, A strange-looking species was found, which was identified as a Balloon fish By Davey’s Locker Sportfishing & Whale Watching, which was almost intact, despite it being Animal Who lives in Depths The sea is hard even to see.

What is a blowfish?

to me National GeographicThere are a few occasions for this Animal They are seen on the surface, and when they happen, they are found on Bad, Chipping product or lack of water, hence the scarcity of the product that was discovered in California In such an ideal situation.

The Balloon fish You have Bioluminescence tentacles That works as a kind of GPS is normal To direct yourself, it also helps you feel Ocean currents, The temperature And the movement From others the animals, Which helps it get prey, other small fish.

This type of fish lives in depths exceeding Three thousand feet (Nearly a thousand meters) and its study is complicated due to the difficulty of accessing its natural environment.

I found the sample in The port beach, That was approximate 45 cmIt is expected that several rows of canines and many of their claws have been frozen by local authorities Los Angeles Museum of Natural History Accept it as part of your scientific heritage in order to aid new knowledge about your species.

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