Firefighters in Cordoba sell crosses to go to the United States with equipment

Firefighters in Cordoba sell crosses to go to the United States with equipment

CÓRDOBA, Watch.- with sale crossAnd CafeAnd I take over And chocolate The fire brigade from municipality Cordoba He hopes to raise the 50,000 pesos they need for the equipment.

The President subordinate fire brigade from CordobaAnd Ricardo Meneses AguilarHe said that the proceeds of this project from the sale cross will have to drive cats every day One of the firefighters who will go to the city PortlandAnd Oregon, employment United State To receive 50 of the personal protective equipment you donated latin firefighter civil society.

Volunteer firefighters Cordoba They support fire suppression in more than 14 municipalities in the downtown area, so they ask for the support of citizens to go to the fire station, located on Miguel Aleman Street, No. 2103 at will cross Nayarit style, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during October, November and December, starting at 6:00pm.

Marco Bartida, Lieutenant Firefighter, thanked for the assistance of the residents of the Barracks area who have attended since Friday, October 1st. cross Nayarit style, to help fire brigade Have decent safety equipment.

On August 22, they celebrated Mexican Firefighters Day 94 years after its founding, recognizing Captain Luis Martinez Areola, for more than 60 years in the service of Córdoba, and similarly a ceremony was held for the grades of promotion to 15 items.

The fire brigade from Cordoba It was founded in 1927 and consists of 65 elements between women and men volunteers serving for different emergencies in Cordoba and municipalities of the central region of the state of Veracruz.


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