Football players end up with the dilemma of playing for Mexico or the United States

Football players end up with the dilemma of playing for Mexico or the United States

Efrain Alvarez, Julian Araujo, Santiago Muñoz or David Ochoa, are among the most recent cases.

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Players were forced to choose to play for Mexico or the United States

by: Diego Benavides

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Football players love Efrain Alvarez, Julian Araujo, Santiago Muñoz, David Ochoa Among the most important cases in the current era of playing for the Mexican national team or United State.

In a special case of brutal Julian AraujoBorn in the North American region but with Mexican citizenship, he has already been notified as a qualified footballer for “Tata” Martino and may be considered by El Tri for future calls, although he has previously played a friendly with the national team. stars and stripes.

Also, players like Sebastian Soto, Sebastian Sociedo NS Mauricio PinedaThey are young elements who chose to wear the United States shirt.

Women’s football is not left behind
A representative example was when he was a twin Monica And Sabrina Flores, Medical students at the University of Notre Dame faced each other in the U-20 World Cup, where Monica played El Tri and Sabrina for the USA.

“Our parents in general do not suffer. On the contrary, they are passionate and support us equally. What they want is for us to play a good game,” Monica said after the World Cup match in Papua New Guinea five years ago.

Sofia Huerta He played the U-20 World Cup with Mexico in 2012, although he later changed his mind and after the required process in front of the highest football body, he ended up making his debut for the US national team in 2017.

This dilemma has evolved over the years and it is becoming more and more common for male and female football players to choose one country over the other.

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