Fires in Spain and Germany do not stop due to the heat wave in Europe

Fires in Spain and Germany do not stop due to the heat wave in Europe
Fires in Spain and Germany do not stop due to the heat wave in Europe
In satellite and panoramic images: the fires in Europe do not stop. Photo: Reuters

result of many fires affecting many regions and cities Spain s GermanyFirefighters from both countries are fighting this Sunday to Control of fire and flames caused by intense heat wave That has been falling for days on the south and central Europe.

satellite images subordinate Container Realize how the fires didn’t just start Spain s GermanyBecause during the week there was damage to the forests in France And the Italiaderived from influences Global Warming.

The Fire most dangerous in Spain Progress in the mountainous Sierra de Culebra from area Castile and Leon (Northwest) near the border with Portugal which has already devoured more than 25,000 hectares, according to the regional government.

emergency services in Spain – which records the highest temperatures in the past four decades – was fighting fires in other areas such as In Catalonia (northeast) and Navarra (north)It is one of the few areas where temperatures were extremely hot on Sunday.

All this week, Spain suffered from an exceptional heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in several regions. according to The weather agency AEMET43.5 degrees in Saint Sebastian and 42 degrees in Zaragoza.

Fire affects Treuenbrietzen, south of Berlin, Germany

Because of the heat wave in GermanyA fire that broke out last Friday in the region of Brandenburg, near Berlin, has spread this Sunday and is already affecting about 100 hectares, forcing the evacuation of 700 people from the town of Treuenbrietzen, according to local authorities.

police in Germany Residents were ordered to comply with evacuation instructions, as winds accelerated the spread of the fire and made it difficult to put out. Treuenbrietzen’s town offices were used as shelters for evacuees.

The firemenWearing masks, goggles and helmets, they fight to control fires in Germanyand helping to evacuate residents, some of whom have taken out their pets. For this Sunday it is expected in teutonic country Max between 30 and 38 degrees.

Last Wednesday, more than 100 firefighters They are mobilized to deal with a fire in the south France in the area MinisterThat destroyed 70 hectares and was taken under control during the week, but there is a high risk that it will reappear, according to local authorities.

Finally, the northern regions of Italia They risk losing up to half of their agricultural production to drought, according to an agricultural organization, as lakes and rivers begin to decline dangerously, putting irrigation at risk.

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