Groundhog Day: Will winter continue? Punxsutawney Phil gives his expectations


Punxsutawney Phil Expect another six weeks of winter After emerging from its burrow on Tuesday to attend the annual Groundhog Day presentation.

After winter, we will have one of the most beautiful and bright springs I have ever seen.

Members of an entourage of a furry rodent elephant wake up at 7:25 a.m. at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. To see if the animal will turn to see its shadow or not.

Shortly after revealing his expectations for this year during a snowy day, a club member shared a message that, according to him, Phil shared with him hours earlier: “ After winterWe will have one of the most beautiful and brightest springs I have ever seen. “

The Groundhog Show is held in Bonxutowne every year, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Viewers couldn’t see and celebrate Phil in person: everything was virtual.

EFE / D. Maxwell

After his entourage spread the news, its members stayed at the venue for a while to take selfies and pictures with an elephant in a completely snowy scene. Around them There have been around 150 mockups that some badger fans have boughtDressed appropriately.

“Groundhog Day also teaches us that the monotony ends. The cycle will be broken.”

With so few media outlets, Phil manages to avoid the traditional series of interviews and presentations. Silence reigned over the event, which is one of many events changed by the pandemic.

“People were referring to Groundhog Day. Sometimes it feels like we are living on the same day over and over,” said a member of the entourage. “Groundhog Day also teaches us that the monotony ends. The cycle will be broken.”

The live webcast, which at one point surpassed 150,000 viewers, showed footage from past celebrations ahead of this year’s forecast.

Legend has it that if an elephant turned around to see its shadow, as it did this year, there would be another six weeks of winter. Otherwise, spring will come on time.


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