Honda goes to the moon with science fiction technology

Honda goes to the moon with science fiction technology

Japan’s space agency, JAXA, and Honda have signed a cooperation agreement under which Honda goes to the moon to provide critical technology In the future Selenite colony.

yes, Honda is the company selected to contribute valuable technology for a future lunar space station. It is an advanced closed-loop energy production system, which is useful both on the moon and on Earth.

It comes to Using Honda’s renewable energy circulation systemwhich is an advanced technology that allows, roughly speaking, the production of electrical energy using only water and solar energy, in a closed cycle that reuses water.

Honda is going to the moon with its new closed-loop powertrain technology

The device is powered by solar energyThanks to this, the electrolysis of water – hydrogen and oxygen are separated – takes place. And therein lies the key to this system: hydrogen can be stored under high pressures without the need for a compressor, all thanks to a PEM membrane developed by Honda.

Next, this hydrogen and oxygen are generated Put it in a fuel cellWhere it is recombined with oxygen to generate electricity and water. This water is then reused again for electrolysis, which closes the energy production circuit.

Curiously Both the hydrogen generator and the fuel cell rely on one major component, the same component, the PEM membranebut it adapts to two different uses.

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Honda circulatory system diagram
This is Honda’s compact rolling renewable energy system for a future station on the moon.

In an electrolytic hydrogen generator, This membrane is permeable to newly created hydrogen ions in electrolysis, which pass through the PEM membrane. Once passed through, these ions spontaneously combine with another ion to form stable H2, which is too large to pass through the PEM membrane.

Thanks to this, hydrogen accumulates behind this special membrane developed by Hondapermeable but more resistant, to withstand the high pressure generated by the accumulated hydrogen.

This technology has been around at Honda for 20 years.

In this way hydrogen can be stored under pressure without the need for a compressor, which is the largest energy consumer in hydrogen production systems. This system is the same as the one used by Honda in the Solar powered hydrogen project, called SHS, Smart Hydrogen Stationthat have been around since 2003!

Photo of the Honda SHS station
This is the hydrogen station called SHS, which was built in 2003 and which will be used on the moon.

SHS technology and the Honda Rotary Renewable Energy System They are the work of the chief engineer, Eiji Hario.

Genius it Water and solar energy can also be used to power motorcycles, electric cars… In fact, that’s what Honda wanted in 2003 with its Clarity, a water-powered car.

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