How Checo Pérez was at the United States Grand Prix: results, history and honors on American soil

How Checo Pérez was at the United States Grand Prix: results, history and honors on American soil

The United States Grand Prixwhich serves as a precursor to Mexican GPsaw a good performance from Czech Perez. The guy from Guadalajara feels comfortable on the Austin track.

Below is his track record on American soil, where he first competed in 2012 with Sauber.

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date of Czech Perez at the United States Grand Prix

After Maqbool debuted in 2012, the year he qualified for 15th place and finished 11th on Sunday, Sergio Perez achieved Important points in the United States Grand Prix. His time at McLaren was forgotten, but he finished seventh in 2013. In 2014, his only silence happened: a call with German Adrian Sutil shortly after the start of the race left him out of the competition.

In 2015, he had retaliated and finished fifth, which until then was his best result on the American track. In the next four years he would finish in the points zone again, including in 2019. That year, the Mexican and the team made a practice error that forced him to start from the bottom. He was punished for exceeding the mandatory weight.

“I didn’t see the traffic light, the light, it’s a screen that tells us we have to stop at the scale. I passed it. I asked the team what to do: at that time I stop in the pits to get the car back but the team changes tires and then the penalty comes because we can’t touch the car” The most prominent of those who started from the drilling and advanced to the tenth place.

In 2021, with the Red Bull team, the Mexican took third place in the standings and remained in that position on Sunday.

Czech Perez at the United States Grand Prix: results and accolades

year equipment Starting point Race result
2012 Sauber 15th eleventh
2013 McLaren seventh seventh
2014 power of india eleventh to leave of
2015 power of india Fifth Fifth
2016 power of india eleventh VIII
2017 power of india ninth VIII
2018 Racing Point The tenth VIII
2019 Racing Point twenty The tenth
2021 Red Bull Third Third
2022 Red Bull

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