How is the exclusive club in which the alleged aggression of the Brazilian took place?

How is the exclusive club in which the alleged aggression of the Brazilian took place?

incubated in downtown barcelona, Sutton (nightclub where alleged sexual assault Daniel Alves) is one of the most exclusive and elegant hotels in Barcelona.

Getting to Sutton isn’t easy, first because of the rules in place and then because of the rigorous selection process at the door.

First of all, the site has a dress code. Jeans, hats, T-shirts, and tennis shoes are prohibited.

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Formal wear is recommended: a party or cocktail dress for women and a formal shirt and pants for men.

After this condition is met, you go to the age condition. Between Thursday and Saturday, Sutton has different criteria for allowing access, due to the type of parties it celebrates.

On Thursday the minimum age is 16, but on Friday it is 21 and on Saturday it goes up to 23.

Another recommendation is not to have a certain degree of alcohol, because if the security personnel detect it, they will not allow entry.

How much do you have to pay to enter Sutton?

Although there is no official cover, Enter the suton It’s not easy.

One option is through the guest list, where you can sign up through their website. Of course, registration does not guarantee anything that you will be able to pass, because everything depends on the security personnel. You must arrive several minutes before the time you want to enter.

Failure to do this complicates the task even more, because it is very likely that it will not be possible to enter.

Another way is to book a VIP table, which also gives access to the more restricted area of ​​Sutton.

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In this case, a guarantee must be paid for a bottle of 250 euros (about five thousand pesos). The maximum number of people accepted per table is six. The place makes it very clear that if you go seven, for example, two tables must be reserved.

In this case, the consumption is per bottle only. Vodka, gin, tequila, cognac, whiskey, rum, bourbon and Gran Reserva are offered.

Most expensive single bottle of Belvedere Mathosel Vodka With a value of one thousand 900 euros (about 38 thousand pesos).

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