Hundreds of flights have been canceled in the United States due to bad weather

Hundreds of flights have been canceled in the United States due to bad weather

(CNN Spanish) – So far, more than 800 flights have been canceled in the US on Tuesday, both domestically and to and from the country, according to tracking website FlightAware.

There are also nearly 1,700 delayed flights in the United States, the site said.

As of 10:45 a.m. Miami time, the three hardest-hit airports are Boston Logan International in Massachusetts, LaGuardia in New York, and Newark Liberty International in New Jersey.

A nor’easter (a term for a storm that moves along the U.S. East Coast and usually has strong northeasterly coastal winds) is expected to bring heavy snowfall, high winds, and flooding to the Northeast, affecting travel and also causing widespread power outages.

Meanwhile, another atmospheric river affects California, already ravaged by storms.

By Tuesday morning, more than 30 million people were under flood watch in California and more than 20 million on the East Coast.

What do you do if the flight is cancelled?

Avoid getting stuck at the airport

As bad as knowing your flight has been long delayed, or worse, canceled, it’s best to find out from the comfort of your own home or hotel room and make further arrangements from there.

You can sign up for airline free text alerts about flight status when you purchase your ticket or download your airline’s app. You can also directly put the airline and flight number into the Google search bar to get the status of your flight.

If you are already there

Specialists recommend that you go to the airline agents’ office as soon as possible, and be prepared to do several things at once while you are in line.

Call the airline while you’re waiting. Depending on where you are, it may be faster to go to a call center, Scott Keyes, founder Cheap scoot flights.

You can find more tips here.

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