In Gaza, a building collapsed after it was hit by an Israeli missile

In Gaza, a building collapsed after it was hit by an Israeli missile

An administrative building collapsed in Gaza on Wednesday after it was hit by an Israeli missile In the middle to Clashes with Palestinian military groups.

The photos streamed on social networks show the moment in which they are The building collapsed.

The photos were captured on video

During the video, you can watch how the reporter reports the attack when, suddenly, The entire building collapses After being hit by a missile.

You can see videos shared by social media users here

Here you can see another angle of the building collapse in Gaza:

Which building collapsed?

The building that collapsed after being hit by missiles is the Al-Shorouk Tower in central Gaza.

The tower housed the offices of several Palestinian TV and media channelsAnd commercial stores and residential apartments.

At the moment, there is no information on possible casualties or injuries.

Hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians escalated from Tuesday night to Wednesday. Israel carried out hundreds of air strikes on the Gaza Strip until the early hours of Wednesday, while Hamas and several other Palestinian factions carried out Rocket launch Against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities

Israeli bombing demolishes property in the Gaza Strip

We just informed you yesterday that a bombing by the government of Israel has been brought down A 12-storey buildingIn the Gaza Strip.

The building housed the offices of many of the top leaders of the ruling Hamas party. The property is located near the coast, and Israel And he threatened to continue attacks on his neighbor.

After clashes between Palestinians and police from Israel, On the holy shrine of mosques in Jerusalem, it was sent from Gaza More than 100 hand-held missiles against Israeli territory; The rockets were intercepted by the Israeli occupation army, and others landed in uninhabited areas.

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