Insights: ‘fintech’ lets you buy shares in the US | companies | Business

Insights: ‘fintech’ lets you buy shares in the US |  companies |  Business

The Financial Supervisory Authority recently approved a fintech Insights operation in Colombiaa company founded by Andres Villaqueran and Susana Castaño in the United States that offers the possibility to invest directly, through digital platforms and at reasonable costs, in multiple investment products traded in that country.

Susana Castaño said the company was formed as a registered investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which largely guarantees seriousness and commitment to clients.

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“This will allow us to provide people who download our app with the ability to open an individual account as investors in the United States and obtain insurance of up to $500,000 with the support of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.No,” he points out.

For his part, Andres Villaqueran says that compared to the minimum investment, Insights let you spend anyone with $5 or more (about $22,000) Shares can be obtained in the United States. In addition to permanently monitoring the movement and profitability of your portfolio.

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Another new thing that this platform will bring to the region is the ability to invest from a cell phone in thematic portfolios with a minimum of $200 USD. Thus, people will have access to ETFs from a range of companies, among 13 other options.


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