Ugandan smile | The official website of Burgos CF

Ugandan smile |  The official website of Burgos CF

Ugandan smile

Burgos CF puts joy at the heart of Angal’s mission, in the middle of an African country

sometimes with A little bit It can be done happy to many people. Viewed again by Burgos CF . Foundationwho sent various groups, as well as the sports equipment in the possession of Burgos CF, to the expedition Angallocated in the middle Uganda, in the area allure from the African country.

Show the members of this expedition their own gratitude And they were transported, across thousands of kilometers, An indescribable feeling of joy From the people who got it, since many of them Start They would have worn one T-shirt And even, sometimes, they had to move More than 600 km For a needle with which to inflate balloons.

This is why through Burgos CF . Foundation Will continue to cooperate with send School Suppliesas well as from Clothes s the shoes. So, A collection of these materials will soon be organized in Burgosso that all black and white fans can contribute whatever they want to this matter Nice reason.

The Burgos CF . FoundationOn behalf of its president, Julian AlonsoWants To thank All contributions made carelessly, as well said, this entity has the responsibility out of existence Code s fort Of all the men and women of Burgos, which raised our club, counting on some Value Clearly defined: respect, solidarity, teamwork, humility, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle habits, and social commitment.

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