Uganda Steak and Rwandese Drums set the end of Valenzuela Cultural Week – Lanza Digital

On Sunday, August 6, the Plaza de la Constitución hosted the performance of the “Uganda Sticks and the Drums of Rwanda” troupe that tours Spain.

percussion and dance, energy and joy; That’s what the seven boys from Kireka Kindergarten (in Kampala, Uganda) brought to Valenzuela Village with a phenomenal performance full of vitality and compassion. With their dance and talent, they help fund the orphanage that has been in operation for 14 years. They dance and jump over the drums, demonstrating the strength and dynamics of a continent full of positivity and hope.

The show, which lasts about an hour and a quarter, consists of contemporary dance or black dance (as they are called), tribal dance and percussion.

The shelter lives without any support, only with some donations, some partners and performances of the groups formed in it. “The education received by the thirty boys and girls who live there is usually comprehensive, until they have obtained a job and can live independently,”

The band performed in Valenzuela thanks to the mediation of Antonio Malagón, an expert and friend of the NGO, and in cooperation with the city council of the city, who worked hard to make the city participate with its presence and with its economic contribution, did all that was collected from the solidarity food of the group.

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