Luis Suarez repeated: “I would like to be able to play in the United States”

Luis Suarez repeated: “I would like to be able to play in the United States”

He might not be having his best moment, however, Uruguay striker Luis sYuriz was considered On the list of Oscar Washington Tabarez, plus he is one step away from winning the Spanish League with Atletico Madrid.

Suarez gave an interview to Club del Deportista magazine, in which he declared that he considers the Qatar 2022 World Cup, It could be your expiration date as you look to other locations to spend your final years as a professional footballer.

Islamic Law He even admitted that he wishes he could get access to MLS one day. However, she considers it with just over a year to make the decision, Circumstances can change.

“Two years ago I wanted to end my career at Barcelona.” Now that I’m here (Atletico) and I’m happy, you’re thinking about playing for another two years, and keep pretending. And then, when the time is right, you have another choice, and you have to make decisions, because it’s really difficult. I would love to have the experience of being able to play in the United States, but you never know, ”Suarez revealed.

Inter Miami, an option

One of the options that the Uruguay striker would have in North American football would be Inter Miami. David Beckham’s team launched a show in April.

However, The American staff wants that nowAnd everything indicates that the Uruguayan footballer intends to stay in the ranking box at least until the World Cup finals in Qatar.

The truth is that Suarez is enjoying his new opportunity with Atlético de Madrid and on Sunday in case there is a mix of results, The league champion can be crowned in Madrid.

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